Ghostbusters shirt revisited

I was thinking about the “There is no Dana, only Zuul” shirt that Kristy posted in the comments to my last Ghostbusters post and I suddenly realized I’d forgotten about a few things back then, so let’s go back to look at things dedicated to one of the most important movies of my youth, ok?

The Gozerian Society shirt. Hell yeah. It’s subtle. It’s good looking. Even if you don’t know what it alludes to, it’s still a cool shirt, with the pyramid and the overall masonic look. Unfortunately, it’s been sold out in my size ever since I found it and I’m not crazy enough about it to lose 20 pounds to be able to squeeze into a size Medium. Buy it here, unless you need a size Large, in which case you’re fucked.

Here’s another one I’ve found during some desperate search for good looking GB-related apparel. Not as understated exactly and not very brainy, but loud and kinda fun, works for me. I’d wear it if someone gave it to me but I wouldn’t buy it (at least not order it online, MAYBE buy it in a store if I felt rich). Ok, now you’ve seen it, let’s move on.

And finally, this isn’t a shirt. So what? Notice that category “random crap”? Read my “About” text where I clearly state that I’ll write about whatever the hell I want. These are 12″ x 24″ screenprints. And they’re good looking prints too, have a peek:

Yeah, available in 2 color schemes – unfortunately though, the cool green version is glow-in-the-dark, which I’m no fan of in any situation. Another unfortunate thing about these prints is that they are/were only available through the mailing list at That wouldn’t have been such a big thing if it hadn’t been impossible to join the darn list! I signed up thrice and then I gave up. Although it does give you a nice, warm feeling inside to own limited, hard-to-get things, it’s an absolute pain in the derrière when it is not possible to obtain things you want. Ok, that’ll be all for now, I’ll go drink some wine and download Lost Boys or something.

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