Cassette tape shirts

What is it with putting cassette tapes on shirts? Even I have been struck by the idea ‘wouldn’t it be cool to slap a bunch of cassettes on a a shirt’ and mocked it up in Photoshop (fortunately, it went no further). Sure, they’re cool looking, just have a look at and feast your eyes on all them beautiful tapes, but still…

Also, I suspect that to younger people (I don’t exactly consider myself all that young anymore, no), they may hold some sort of nostalgic allure, kind of like what 8-track tapes are to me. We were talking just yesterday about whether the kids in high school these days even know what a ‘freestyle’ is (for some reason, a walkman wasn’t called a walkman in the Swedish 80’s, it was called a freestyle. Go figure)? Ray-bans, thrash caps, kneehole pants, neon colors – maybe the cassette is just another hipster 80’s accessory?

But anyway… let’s say you’re about to design a shirt and think to yourself; ‘what about putting a bunch of colorful tapes next to each other, I bet nobody’s ever thought of that before’. Well… actually…

(Glad to see that bright orange Agfa tape is so popular though. I had a 120 minute one with a couple of Status Quo albums on it and it never failed me, which tapes that long were prone to do)

‘But how about something different, still using cassettes?’. Nope, sorry, I’m afraid someone already thought of that too.

So, are there then no good cassette shirts? Well, yes AND no, I’d say.

The old ‘Hometaping is killing the music industry’ is a WONDERFUL pictogram, methinks. I absolutely love it to death – whoever came up with it is a genius! And I would have loved it on a shirt, if only the ‘we’re trying to make our unwillingness to pay for things we use into some sort of righteous political act’ goons of the Swedish pirate party and the supporters of hadn’t hi-jacked it. I have no problem with stealing things off the net, do it myself now and then, but don’t try to make it into some fucking liberty defending act, ok? You’re cheap, end of.

And, while trawling the information super highway for cassette shirts, I found out that even Obey fell into that ole tape trap. Pretty nice though. Get it here.

Finally, there is one cassette shirt I imagine could be kinda nifty (yuck, sorry for using that word, I know, I know). If a band were to make a shirt with tapes of all their albums maybe? Or an elitist shirt with their early, impossible to get, demo tapes. That might be cool. I won’t hold my breath though.

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