Shirt link of the day: the Lost Boys (done right and wrong)

The other week, I talked about Ghostbusters shirts and all the problems I’ve had with finding one I like. The thing about movie shirts, for me, is that I usually don’t want a shirt with the poster of the movie or even the name of it – I would much rather have a subtle reference to the movie on the shirt, thus enabling me to walk around, feeling superior to those who “don’t get it”. Yeah, I’m an elitist asshole, deal with it.

So, obviously, there are several ways you can go about it if you want to make a movie shirt. Take the old 1987 vampire classic, the Lost Boys. I haven’t seen it in a while, but I’m a big fan of Corey Feldman (no, not Corey Haim) so I probably should. Anyway, here’s ONE way of paying tribute to that movie, by Disturbia Clothing (who like big, scary prints with lots of colors).

And here’s another way of doing it. The Why Walz when you can Rock & Roll shirt is made by Found Item Clothing, who make tons of tribute shirts to 80s movies and mimics a shirt that can be seen in the movie. No need to tell you which one I prefer, is there?

(Added Aug 26) Speaking of Found Item Clothing AND Corey, I can’t keep this gem from you. Start following It goes to 11, I just did.

3 Responses to Shirt link of the day: the Lost Boys (done right and wrong)

  1. LesSavyTrav says:


    Thanks for the kind words about Why Waltz. I think we might see eye to eye on the aesthetics of tee shirts… and I’ll be sure to add you to our blog roll sometime soon:

  2. Yeah, I have a feeling we might. And please do, that’d be great!

    It IS a great shirt. If only I didn’t have such a problem with wearing white…

  3. Kristy says:

    @shirtsofsatan- it’s actually a really light grey, I hate white too, but this isn’t so bad. It’s one of my favorite shirts :) Plus here’s another way of utilizing Lost Boys for the sake of mankind :)

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