Shirt link of the day: DTA (Don’t Trust Anyone)

The title of this blog post could just as easy have been “Almost but not quite there” (like in that old Status Quo song you most likely haven’t heard). Making a shirt that falls on the finishing line is the saddest thing – much worse than making a crappy shirt. All that potential, wasted! You have a shirt that is *almost* there, but then someone makes a rash desicion and totally fucks it up.

DTA shirts are often cool-ish. Just look at the one pictured to the right here. Me like. Ok, so maybe it could have been less square-ish and frankly we could have done without the baby blue for that seal-thing on the lower side, but still – nice slogan and cool photo. (You can buy it here if you like it too.). All in all an ok shirt.

Now feast your eyes on the DTA “New World Crest” shirt. I don’t know about you (and quite frankly, I don’t give a shit eigther) but I like it a lot. A tad bit too loud, but I can live with that. But then… what happens? Some mentally challenged person decides that it’s just ‘not enough’, gotta add some more to it, an extra print will make it feel more exclusive and you suddenly end up with…

This. This is what you get when you don’t know when to stop adding things. Can you imagine those GIGANTIC, ugly letters on your back on a warm day, getting all sticky and sweaty. No you can’t because you’d never ever in a million years wear something looking like that (if you would, please stop reading this blog. thank you). Epic fail (as them internet youngsters say).

Ok. Now that we’re all totally depressed, here’s a nice shirt from Rouge Status (who I for some reason think are somehow associated with DTA (maybe DTA is just a shirt line from RS, who the hell knows). Buy it here.

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