Shirt link of the day: Ghostbusters tees

Ok, I’ll reveal my age by saying this but when I was ten years old, the movie Ghostbusters hit theaters in Sweden. I loved it. Absolutely, positively loved it. Ok, so I couldn’t sleep for two nights because the initial ghost in the library was so scary, but it was the first film I ever watched more than once in the theater. Later on, I’ve had it on VHS and now DVD and it’s definitely in the top 10 list of movies I have watched the most times (some other top 10-ers:  the 13th warrior, Sällkapsresan, Rock n’ Roll Highschool).

So, for a number of years, I’ve been wanting a Ghostbusters shirt. The only problem is: all available ones are butt ugly. Or printed on the cheapest, crappiest shirts available. Sucks. So finally, this summer, I found the shirt pictured here, at Topman, uk. An ultra soft, washed/bleached greenish gray with red contrasting stitching on the shoulders, distressed graphics and the added luxury of an added print on the inside (I’m a sucker for stuff like that). Nice. Probably no longer available but have a look if you’re interested.

There is one, blaringly obvious problem with this shirt though, I’m pretty sure you’ve spotted it already. It’s a Ghostbusters II shirt. Whereas GB I was a witty, slightly anarchistic comedy with a slight SNL feel to it, GB II is very much a quick and dirty attempt to cash in on the success of #1. Or maybe it was influenced by the cartoon version (which sucked – sadly this didn’t stop me from watching it every weekday for a year or so), I’m not sure. Anyway, the perfect Ghostbusters shirt would be a GB I shirt, not GB II.

So then this shirt popped up a few weeks ago. Yet another take on the name list shirt, I think it’s really nice – me wants it.

However, it still isn’t the perfect Ghostbusters shirt, mainly due to two things:

1. The names would have been enough. No “paranormal studies” crap – if you don’t know who Venkman, Stanz and Spengler are – tough luck. Ask or stay in the dark.

2. And, speaking of staying in the dark, the suckiest thing about this shirt is that the print glows in the dark. No, you’re wrong, that’s not cool. It sucks. And, judging from every other glow in the dark shirt I’ve ever seen, it means the ink is about an inch thick on this shirt. Yuck.

The hunt goes on…

Ok just one more, here’s a bonus shirt for you. I like the idea but not the execution.

7 Responses to Shirt link of the day: Ghostbusters tees

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  2. > Kristy
    Oh, wow! The design was not for me, but I’d love to have those words on a shirt!

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