Lovebombing Jeremy Kalgreen

Ok, so how awsome is Jeremy Kalgreen? ‘Who the hell is Jeremy Kalgreen’, you probably ask, and I can’t really blame you – he has yet to reach Lady GAGA level fame, but he’s definitely a guy worth checking out. Here’s the short version of it: Jeremy designs shirts. He also designs websites where he sells these shirts. When you order one, they’re printed by Spreadshirt (Spreadshirt’s a pretty cool thing, if you’ve ever wanted to print a shirt design of your own and don’t want to use sucky CaféPress, check em out), so he’s not into screening, s&h, all that jazz – which seems smart to me: only do the fun stuff, let others handle the boring crap. Good move.

Not only is Jeremy smart in a business kind of way, he also makes some intelligent prints. And he’s funny. I’m afraid to Google this guy, I bet he’s handsome too, some people just have it all I guess, although I have to say I don’t quite get the Hirsute History shirts – who would buy one of these?. Anyway, the thing that got him started was Amphoria Apparel. While I may not be super excited about the Amphoria shirts (think funny, colorful, classic vector prints, often with a twist – not my cup of tea but still well above average in that category). But it gets better (and I’m saving the best for last so keep reading, oh all my faithful readers – all five of you).

“Science! is dedicated to bringing you the finest in off kilter science t-shirts with a faux sarcastic nerd loving absurdist bent.

Les run-of-the-mill and a bit more unclear (which I like) is the Science line of shirts. Are they pro or against? I would say half and half, and I guess that mirrors my view of science pretty well. Check out the shirts pictured here – yeah, I love science, but yeah, scientists can also be complete dicks that fuck up the world. Ok, nothing earth shattering but pretty cool, especially the nukes-hugging mad scientist.

Next up is his latest addition, the Tea Party shirts. I don’t know how much you know about these nutcases, if you don’t know what I’m talking about they’re basically your average right-wing, closet racist, homophobe asshole americans that are trying to mask their hate campaign against Obama (and anyone who shows the slightest sign of being borderline liberal) as an good ole American liberty loving uprising. Yada yada yada. Anyway, mockery, that’s what we like here at Shirts of Satan (who am I kidding here – we? Naturally, I mean “I”). So, check out the website, there are tons of variations of this shirt.

Ok, now for the final part of this unusually positive piece of writing: Teach Controversy. Inspired by the Dover School District intelligent design court case, where asshole parents sued a school, forcing them to teach intelligent design (there’s a misleading name if there ever was one) alongside evolution. In the words of Jeremy Kalgreen himself:

“Let sarcasm be your weapon in the great evolution vs. creationism debate! You don’t have to be an atheist to want to keep science in science class, and sporting one of these graphic tees sarcastically urging schools to teach other pseudosciences, myths and discredited theories is a fine way to show your pro-science stance. Darwin would be proud!”

So yeah, great idea. I love these shirts. But now we have reached the end and it’s time to bring up the only thing so far I don’t like about mr Kalgreen. I like his way of thinking. I like the concepts behind many of his shirts. I would love to mock the people intended in the ways intended. If only the shirts weren’t so gosh darn… ugly. I really don’t like those standard Illustrator cranked out designs we see over and over and over on every funny shirt site. If it works for Jeremy then that’s cool but personally I wish I could get the Teach Controversy shirts but with good looking designs. How’s about a joint venture with Crooks and Castles or something?

Ok, long post today (or most likely I’ll post it tomorrow, as I suspect people are more likelly to read stuff like this when being bored at work, that’s how I usually do it, write at nite, post in the morning – smart huh?), thanks for staying with me, check out the links, but a shirt from Jeremy whydontcha?

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