Shirt link of the day: Moscow Death Brigade

Actually, this title is very misleading, as there is no real shirt link in this post. Here’s the story. Back in the day when I actually gave a shit about Myspace, a Russian band called Hoods Up 495 sent a friend request. I thought they had outstanding artwork, great attitude and I also liked their music. Later on, they switched name to Moscow Death Brigade and changed their music to be a bit more beat oriented.

Throughout the years, I’ve emailed these guys a number of times, trying to buy stuff from them. They answer about every other email, very nice and polite but I have never managed to get them to send me anything. Then, last year, we went to Russia to play and I thought I’d finally get to meet the band, but nooo! They were on tour elsewhere. It’s just not meant to be. Whatever happens, let it be know I would really really like to own their black, red and white shirt. The power of good merch! It cannot be underestimated (just look at Exploited (more about this some other time).

5 Responses to Shirt link of the day: Moscow Death Brigade

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have been searching for one as well… No luck either. Let me know if you have found this shirt as I would GLADLY pay for one

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