Shirt link of the day: Cuckoo!

I’m a sucker for cuckoo clocks. Actually, I’m a sucker for pretty much ANYTHING vaguely bavarian (alps, deer, hunting paraphernalia, October festivities and so on, deer especially) but a couple of things have so far stopped me from getting a new one (my first was a really crappy, plastic one that drove me NUTS with it’s constant cuckooing and loud action); my wife’s refusal to have one in the house (this could probably be overcome) and, more importantly, my vision of the PERFECT cuckoo clock – an image in my mind that is really hard for real life clocks to live up to. I have a lot of elements I want incorporated, most importantly crossed hunting rifles, vines, leaves, a rabbit and a bird, preferably a hunting satchel but most importantly a big-ass deer head top center. As you can tell, it’ll have to be a big clock. Despite being somewhat of a traditionalist, I want one of the new fancy clocks where you can tell it to be quiet during the dark hours of the day and all kinds of other settings. No music, no dancing couples, definitely not a chalet-style clock. As of yet, I have not been able to track down the perfect clock and until I do, I won’t buy one. I think.

So, anyway, liking these babies like I do, I can’t help liking this shirt, despite it being a color I would never ever in my life wear. It would look great on someone else though, I’m sure. Designed by J3Concepts, for sale at LaFraise – there you have it, everything you need to know about it. And no, the clock in the shirt is nowhere in hell near the perfect clock, way to goth-y and untraditional, but still…

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