Propellerhead related shirts

Ok, so before I became an online eco warrior, I used to work for Propellerhead Software. Going through 3 weeks backlog of shirt blog posts, I came across no less than three shirts that made me think of my former employer.

The first one is this one from Reason clothing (Reason being one of Propellerhead’s main products). These guys have TONS of shirts saying ‘Reason’, I like this one the most.


Another popular Propellerhead product is Recycle. And since you use it to work with samples, this shirt is very fitting (no pun intended). Get it here.







Finally, this is just vaguely related, but the KISS principle is fundamental to the programmers at Propellerhead, so this Loud&Obnoxious shirt instantly made me think of Marcus.

Disclaimer: if this post looks like shit, it’s because I can’t get wordpress to insert a br clear=all. Advice is welcome.

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