Inappropriate shirts

It’s been quiet for a while. I’m in my parent’s house in the country and my access to a computer is somewhat limited and since I forgot my camera at home, I have no way of posting new photos of mine (and let me tell you – you’re missing out – on ugly shirts, that is).

Anyway, today I’m thinking more about inappropriate shirts rather than ugly ones. I usually don’t wear anything I can’t fully support (although I *did* recently order a few NRA shirts just to piss my colleagues off) and so far I haven’t really screwed up. Ok, so some of my less politically correct shirts have drawn a few grumpy faces at work, and my homemade “he who dies first, wins” shirt did not go down a storm with the ambulance nurses at that party where a guy drank too much and had to be helicoptered to the hospital to have his life saved, but no major faux-pas so far.

Some people though, should really think an extra time before walking out the door in the morning. Me and my (then) girlfriend (now wife) visited the concentration camp of Oświęcim (better know under its German name, Auschwitz) on a day trip from Krakow. Now, everyone knows the nazis were evil bastards*, but nowhere does it get any more apparent than here – especiallly as we had a camp survivor who’s parents were both killed at this camp, as a guide. In our group, we had a Polish family, where the son wore this shirt:

Kill 'em all - let god sort 'em out

It doesn’t get more inappropriate than that. Well, ok, I guess it does. I guess he *could* have worn this shirt, which was considered funny and cool among the more daring rednecks of my youth (who also loved wearing Klan shirts and other racist favourites).

Adolf Hitler - Europeean tour, 39-45

But back to that Polish family. It seems to me, one of the following has to be true:

1. They didn’t speak English very well
2. They weren’t very smart
3. They supported what went on at Auschwitz (see #2)

I guess it’s also possible that the Polish guy decided to wear the shirt in the morning, not knowing they’d be visiting a concentration camp. It’s a cool shirt, in a sort of ironic redneck way, my cousin used to have one when he was about five years old and we all thought it was cute as hell. And it IS sometimes hard to remember what shirt you’re currently wearing.

Teach your children to worship satanI once went to the supermarket one afternoon, with my then recently born oldest daughter strapped into one of those baby carrying harnesses. Upon leaving the store, the security guard gave me the thumbs up and told me he loved my shirt. That’s when I remembered I was wearing my the Dwarves shirt that has “teach your children to worship satan” in big letters on the back. Nothing to be ashamed about, I just hadn’t realized I was wearing it and that it looked kinds funny.

Ok, no great philosophical depth here today, it’s hard to concentrate in a small house with two bored kids running around (it’s raining like crazy so they can’t be outdoors). Stay tuned for further shirts and ramblings.

* The nazis had great merch though. They often get a lot of credit for their skilled propaganda, but their merch was outstanding! It’s not a coincidence that even the most leftist punks are drawn to the imagery of the nazis. The red, black and white, iron crosses and swastikas, eagles and totenkopfs – good looking stuff. The power of good merch cannot be underestimated.

2 Responses to Inappropriate shirts

  1. Kim says:

    I have the “kill ’em all” tee shirt. I bought it from a street vendor at ground zero in October of 911. Folks were pissed

  2. Morgan says:

    Great swastika shirts for sale there!
    Promoting how beautiful of a symbol it is and how long it has been used by many different cultures.

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