Making a good looking German supporter shirt – how hard can it be?

Ok, so we’ve established that ze Germans have a sense of humor. What they seem to lack though, is a sense of style (not Löw of course, he’s always looking sharp). I’ve been trying, for a number of years, to find a shirt to wear during WC and EC times to show my support for the Mannschaft. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far, a yellow monstrosity. Ok sure, the eagle and gothic lettering kinda works for me, but as a whole… what an eyesore! To make things even worse, Germany has lost every time I’ve worn this shirt. I’m not a very superstitious person, but I can’t help thinking the gods are punishing me for wearing this ugly shirt.

A quick look at eBay tells us that this is no coincidence. The market for ugly Germany shirts is ENDLESS! Have a look at these beuties:

So… what to do? There are a few alternatives, especially if you’re happy with a shirt that doesn’t mention soccer, but only Germany. And there’s always the very sleek German away shirt. The only problem with that is that you either have to pay an arm and a leg for an official version or give your money to shady Philipinians on eBay. Maybe I should just go for face paint (though that doesn’t work so well when you’ve got a big beard).

Anyway, my point (and this will be repeated over and over again in the future): how can it be so hard to produce a good looking shirt? Great shirts are being made every day, droves of them. Still, for some specific events, bands, teams, companies and such, only butt-ugly shirts exist (expect future rants about zz top, ac/dc and cardiff city). Why? If someone had produced a great Germany 2010 Soccer shirt, say, a  month ago, he’d be rich by now. Or could it be that the people of the fatherland actually prefer these monstrosities? Say it ain’t so!

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