Shirts of Satan

Here's a photo of me in Poland last year, sporting an Atom and his Package shirt I like so much I've got 2 of it. I'm sure I'll wite more about it some other time.

Ok, here’s the thing. I like shirts. Not in a completely mental way, but definitely more than the average person. Every time I come across a shirt I like, I post it on Facebook and that’s it. I find a lot of these shirts on various shirt blogs I follow. Somehow, these to facts finally clicked together in my mind and I decided I’ll start my own shirt blog and post stuff here instead. I have no idea whether anyone will give a shit, but it will at least give me the option to write a bit more about shirts.

So, this the plan. I intend to write about the following (mainly, I will probably sway from this pretty soon. Or give up all together):

– Nice shirts I’ve seen on the net (chances are you have too, if you’re following other shirt blogs but what the heck)
– Shirts I own and like
– Band merch
– Complaints about the Swedish shirt culture (or lack thereof)
– Whatever the hell I want

Disclaimer (or something): I totally stole the title for this blog from Micke T, who makes awsome shirts using this name. I don’t have the feeling that activity (or this) to be successful or public enough for this to be a problem though, but if it does, I’m the one who will have to change.

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