Shirt link of the day: LOST

Ok, so technically, this category implies there will only be one per day. To hell with that – today there will be more, other days there will be less, mmmkay? This shirt only worked well for a very short time, when the last episode of Lost had just been broadcasted and the world was awash with Lost shirts and at the same time, Germany was getting ready to take on England in the world soccer cup. I love Germany! Sadly, it is VERY hard to find nice looking shirts that lets the world know how much you support the German team. The stores are flooded by shirts for supporters of shit teams like Brazil, Argentina and Italy (in which all team members have greasy haircuts, fall over if you look at them and refuse to see soccer as a team effort).

Anyhoodle, the BEST thing about this shirt was the text that accompanied it initially:


Who said germans don’t have a sense of humor??? Get it here, if you for some reason shoud want to.

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