First new shirt – CONQUER/UNITE by Primark

Ok, here’s one of the things I want to write about: shirts I buy. I just got back from the u.k. where one of my favorite shirt suppliers reside (ok, so they’re in other countries too, but not in such abundance) – Primark. Here’s one of the two shirts I picked up this time:

Conquer - Unite. Yeah, this is the photo quality you can expect henceforth, pretty much.

Now, you may not have a very favorable view of Pirmark. They sell dirt cheap stuff. A lot of their clothing looks like regurgitated poo. Shopping there can sometimes be a very exhausting ordeal. Still though, they frequently have great designs and even though their shirts are VERY cheap, they frequently sport foil prints, decorative stitching, extra labels on the inside, stuff like that that makes me happy.

On my last two visists, I’ve found less that I liked than before but this one I really like. Lot’s of nonsense wording, semi-communist graphics, stars, eagles – you name it. Also, it’s my first ever v-neck shirt and it’s very thin and soft – perfect for summer. So perfect, in fact, that I bought two of it and now I don’t want to wear anything thicker until the weather cools off.

Ok, that’s all. I’ll write more about Primark, the stuff I’ve bought there and the other company that comes to mind when you talk Primark; New Yorker, at a later date.

(yeah, you’ve guessed it – I like cheap shirts. I still buy way too many shirts in the 25-35 USD bracket, but I never go beyond that (ok, once, but that won’t happen again) but I prefer to pay less. Who doesn’t?). But more than that, I like shirts that are slightly quirky – that are designed to just “look cool” but end up being more weird than cool. Like this one.

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